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Letter from Australia 2008

I recived this letter from Australia.

hello there, my name is robert, im from australia and am staying in the u.k. im very interested in attending the final round of f-offroad in uppsala in sept ( in fact ive just booked flights and accomodation ). im a novice traveler, have never been to sweden, and was just looking for a little more information on the location of the event. possibly a silly question, but would you know of anyone traveling to the race from uppsala sat and sun that i may be able to ride out with? if not, if i hire a car, is there access to the site by car? and could i please get some detailed directions on how to find the site?
any assistance will be hugely apreciated. im very excited about this event and look forward to it very much.
thanks in advance. robert lawrence

I guided him to Uppsala and get this a few days after the competition.

hello fredrik!! its robert lawrence here, from oz. firstly, id like to give you a HUGE thankyou again for all of your help leading up to the event. your help was invaluable, and without it i wouldnt have had the confidence to travel to a non-english speaking country.
i cant say enough how friendly everyone i encountered was. from the people on the front gate, the other spectators, to the competitors. everyone was so kind. the two gentlemen doin the commentary called me up to the comentators box on sunday morning, and were so kind, asking me questions about what i thought of the event, which was really nice of them. id like to say thank you to them also, through you.
the event itself, was amazing! buy far the most proffesional offroad event ive ever seen. everyone who worked there was so efficient. and so safe.. the action almost never stopped, and still safety was never ignored. i cant say enough how much it impressed me. and then, of corse the competitors. they certainly never failed to entertain. each one of those drivers are amazing!
it broke my heart when i left late sunday afternoon to know i may never see it again, as im goin back to oz early next year. what you guys have there is the most amazing show in the world, and im sure your all very proud..
so anyway, thank you again for everything, and i will be back one day to watch again for sure!
cheers, rob

Tack till er som hjälper till!!