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The webTV funds are running low.  Help us fund the next free Formula Offroad broadcast on SMKplay.se   Read More...


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In the last two years SMK Uppsala* has developed and fine tuned the live broadcasts from challenging locations around Scandinavia. The audience has grown steadily since the start and has now reached a total of over 100000 viewers on www.SMKplay.se and has always been a free of charge online broadcast.



Right now we don’t have enough funding to broadcast all the Formula Offroad events that we want to broadcast – but you can help us!


SMK Uppsala is now accepting donation to fund SMKplay.se broadcasts. All donations will go directly to SMKplay.se and will help finance travel, gear rent, stream and internet cost and accommodations for the crew.



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* SMK Uppsala, which is an abbreviation for Swedish Motor Club, is Sweden’s premiere motor sport organizer with a history dating back to 1914. The foundation of SMK Uppsala is the volunteer work done by members and has been since the start.


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