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Competition Rules in short

Formula Offroad racing rules in brief



The competition consists of five drivers running technically difficult tracks up the
slopes and a simpler but faster time course that is more flat on the ground.
The track time is not mandatory, it will normally be passable for all contestants.
The track time begins when the front of the car left the starting gate and ends
when the image passes the front gate case. The fastest driver through 350
points. The other may be a points deduction per 1 / 10 second but awarded no
less than 150 points.


Each track is divided into five scoring zones 100, 200, 250, 300 and 350 points.
For the driver to get full points (350) must be the whole car inside track all ports.
Leaving the car runway markings completely, so stopped scoring.

Points Deduction

Some so-called violation of the car gives the contestants minus points.
Depending on the driver breaks a rule, draw a certain number of points, these
are 10, 20, 40, 60 or 100.
Drivers get points deducted for:
- Stay the course and continue.
- Touch or run over by a runway markings or three wheels.
- Touch or run over the runway markings to the car's waist with two wheels.
- Only one wheel within the selection.
- Reversing can be done inside the planned orbit, but not passed through the
Points deduction shall be made only if the driver tries to run forward again after

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