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Erik & Mackan tests Formula Offroad in TV

99 Things you must do before you die with Erik & Mackan at TV6

Earlier this fall,  SMK Uppsala help Erik & Mackan from TV6 to realize one of their 99 things you must do before you die. The origin of this is that the guys were in Iceland in 2010 and played in the first season where I ride in a Formula offroad car.


But what is that when you can drive yourself and also get to challenge each other. Said and done so had SMK Uppsala question of it was possible to arrange. We collected the the officials needed to do this safely and persuaded Rolf "Rat" Keiser to lend the car. So a good day now in the fall, we were all out in Dalboda and helped the boys with their desire. So now, on Wednesday at 21:00 on TV6 this will appear. In addition, it will be published extras here on our website on Wednesday evening when all the fun was not fit on TV.

Foto Åsa Johansson

We were in 2011