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Martin Michaelsen

Team: Insane Racing
Driver: Martin Michaelsen

startnumme: 102

Club: Utkanten Offroaders
Country: Norway
First race: Matrand in 2010 with the car "Sweet"

Vehicle name: Insane
Body: Copy of Ford prototypebuggy Built in Sweden by Hans Maki and Johannes Rykling. The car is this season lowered 50 mm.
Chassis: Tubeframe
Gearbox: Powerglide, The transmition is built for 2000 hp
Transfercase: Islandic special. High range only
Front axle. Ford 9"
Rear Axle: Ford 9"
Deck: Super Scooper
Suspension: 10" Fox arischocks
Engine: LS 7, built by Mast Motorsports. X
Effect: 634hp
Nitrous oxide: Shot of 190hp NOS
Sponsors: AS Fast Eiendom, Insane Sun, Japan Photo

Team: We are a team of five kind and gentle people ready to take on all the challenges!


We appreciate you as a spectator, please come over to us in the pit for a chat during the lunch break.

Website: insaneracing.no

The best photo or video of the car Insane in 2013 wins iPhone 5!
The winner is bublished on our website.

Last years Winner was Palli Kristmundsson with this pichtue, congratulations! 

Link to pichtures





We were in 2011