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Arne Johannessen - Bålsta 2014

Driver Presentation, Bålsta 2014: Arne Johannessen

Arne was born in May 1958, the interest in 4x4 has always been great with him. His first 4x4 drive car was a 1943 Ford GPW. The only changes made to the car was a 2.5 inch lift kit and Desert Dog 10x15 tires.


Arne Johannesson @ Bålsta 2013



The following year, Arne bought a Jeep CJ7 with V8 and automatic transmission 1980 model year. This CJ7 he had until 1995 and every winter brought significant changes to the car. In 1986 he won the unofficial Norwegian Trial Championships. He changed the engine in CJ7 to a Chrysler 440 engine and during the period from 1989 to 1993 ran Arne monster racing with the car. In 1994 they built the large Grand Cherokee and became the first offroad car in Norway with tube frame chassis. An engine of 750 hp, 20 inch wheel travel and good shock absorbers made the car a winner in Monster racing. 1998 extended the chassis and fitted with a Ford Ranger body.


During Arnes monster race period, he won the Nordic Championship six times. In 1999 he tried Formula Offroad with his monster race car and it went reasonably cheap. Then built Arne new car, he took most of the technology from its monster racer in a new chassis and gave the car the name Lightfoot. Arne won a few races in 2000 and finished second in Nordic Championship. Arne has since been placed among the top four. He won the Norwegian championship for the first time in 2010 and won the NEZ Championship 2011. These results came after the team had lowered the car 12 inches!


Prior year season, we asked some questions to Arne:


Tell us if you've made any changes on the race car?
ARNE: - New gimbal rods, the old ones were in 1994 also used the monster race car.


Tell us if you've made any changes on the race bus?
ARNE: - Same old bus


Tell us if you've made any change in the competition team?
ARNE: - Why change a winning team

What are your goals for this season of Formula Offroad?
ARNE: - Win all races


5th What position will you aim for this year?
ARNE: - first in all,


Arne Johannessen






Lightfoot Racing



Car name:



Formula Offroad Norway

First start:

Habo 1999

Placing 2013


Norge masterchip

1:a (57 points)


2:a (4257 points)

Scandinavien Cup

7:a (2786 points)


Chrysler /Indy 540 cid



Torque (nm):

795 lbs/ft

Turbo (Hk)


NOS (Hk)



TF 727


NP 205

Front axel:


Rear xel:


Tires front

Bigger Digger

Tires Back

Super Scooper



We were in 2011