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Car Sports Awards Ceremony 2011

Motor Sport Awards 2011

Sweden Motor Sport Awards 2011 was held this year in Uppsala's new Concert Hall UKK (Uppsala konsert och Kongress). To mark this for Uppsala's inhabitants so arranged also a mororsports day on Vaksala square next to the concert hall.


Banan från konsärhuset

There was Swedish motor sport up, and even we were there and represented. This time it was PA Norstedt who ran the show and what many in the audience looked forward to. Unfortunately, it happened a little incident with the car when one of the air springs exploded when the suspension would be adjusted

Sprucken Bälg

which was a major disappointment for the audience when it was Formula car that was the one who was the greatest and worst during the day. But as usual with Formula offroad there are resourceful mechanic who makes sure that it can still work. And the audience cheers as PA could enter the stage again. All this to Janne Blomqvist's voice through the speakers.

PA Hoppar

PA Framför UKK

PA Framför UKK 2

Then it was of course a lot of other motor sports there too:




We were in 2011