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Denmark Article 2010

Formula Offroad NEZ Cup #3 & #4 Danmark


Text: Sofia Johansson  Photo: Palli Kristmundsson Movie: Mats





A large sand pit, like a crater in the middle of nature. Meadows and pastures around the top
of the plateaux with cows grazing peacefully. In the middle of this pit, including
sand and stone piles were driven Danish Formula Offroad Races, races 4 and 5
of the NEZ Cup.


Pit name is Stjær gravel pit and is located just outside Aarhus in Denmark.
Saturday's Formula race consisted of seven pieces of technical courses. Some
of these courses became much more difficult by the persistent rain that washed
over drivers, officials and spectators. The sand was very heavy with all the
water and became as sludge.


Sweden could not represent with any drivers for this race because of broken
wrist, bad back and the economy has ended. We keep our fingers crossed that
they come back to the next contest going to Finland in August.


The real hardcore Formula crowd braved the rain and wind, they came when
drivers drove the test track just before the start. It was a nice and pleasant
mood as the audience fell into Danish. They were excited and talked a lot with
each other despite the rain, the beer sold on site in large plastic cups made that
their mood was at its peak. The atmosphere was very good.
The sun peeped out occasionally to warm the frozen giving hope later in the
day and into Sunday's run.
Clerks who ran on the slopes had sand mixed clay up to the knees. Shoes and
gloves had a thick layer sandin gasket and all had been given a beautiful sandy
brown color.



Jon Eagle Inglefsson from Iceland, last year's cup winners NEZ, stamped plate on the bottom
of Saturday's first track. He let the car smoothly and quickly climb up the hill
and tune in the car between the gates 350 points. The audience cheered and
announcer yelled into the microphone so it thundered from loudspeakers. Jon
Eagle had shown was the second cabinet would be.


After a great start with the
incredible run the bad luck ran up with him, the engine block in his car
Kórdrengurinn burst. The rest of the day was spent to find a new engine block
to the car throughout Denmark but to no avail.


Jörgen Paulsen


Jon got on Sunday instead run Jorgen Paulsen Modifiedbil with soft pink panther as a pet. In Unlimitid
tracks however, it became somewhat difficult driving for him so he landed on a
6th place also on Sunday.
On Saturday, took Roar Johansen from Norway first place with team mate Arne
Johannessen close behind in second. Arne was breaking Saturday's final orbit
because of faulty gearbox. During the evening and the night was repaired
gearbox using Doff. Many people think now, who or what is Doff?
Arne and Roar have Doff to help, he is the incredible mechanic who does not need


to know or see what is happening with the cars, he hears even then the
hill is what is wrong. He then goes off to the spare terminal in the team bus and
looking up the parts needed while the car moved into the depot.
Doff is an uncle of the age of 50 who kept up with Arne in the past 15 years. He
is educated and works as an aircraft mechanic. Either the laws he aircraft or
semi-Flying cars. As a surgeon, he takes apart the broken parts, and these laws
or they are replacing, he has his trick. Doff This has always been in the pit with
the teams on the buses but on this day in Denmark, he went out on the launch
pad to check the situation. An officer who knows a bit late Doff a few years back
raises his eyebrows and surprised but happy look Doff he asks what he does on
the launch pad. Doff responds jokingly:
'I have escaped! " he smiled so wide that the smile took in his ears, then he
went to see uplining.


The Norwegian Petter Hagstrom as the season ran its new purchased
Terminator X (previously Fast Foot)
Petter Hgström

Ole Graversen after ending last season run in 2009, made Saturday's worst crash. Petter
ended up on my side of the steep hill and tipped over on the roof. All the rain
had made the sand to mud. The car's roof was like a cheese cutter, the car slid
down the slope on the roof while it cut down on the sand and filled the cabin
with mud and clay. Rescue Staff and other officers ran quickly to him which
hung in his five-point harness. After the help to get out of the gooey car he
waved to a cheering crowd and then was able to walk away.
Today's winner in the Unlimited, which was said Roar Johansen and modified
Kjetil Johnsen.




Sunday was the gods in the clouds to offer better weather. Small clouds gave tough shadows
in the sand pit when they swept past the sun. Yesterday's Formula hardcore
enthusiasts were the first on site fell into the very audience that day when
the curiosity speaking of yesterday's reports that Danish TV 2 had shown on
Saturday night.
Sunday consisted of five pieces of technical tracks and one time track that ran
right after lunch.
The first track in the class Unlimitid did the Dane Henrik Birkegaard a repeat of
Saturday, breaking the cross knot and cardan shaft. The creaked to the car on
the slopes and the car was standing. The Danish car was harvested back to the
depot. Hope that Henry was not cracked by this unlucky weekend, but will fix
the car and take hold of the new next race.


In the same track as Henrik went out started the Icelander Bjarki Reynisson
track very well.




He fully gassed up the hill and at the moment, it seemed that
the car was going over the edge a little at the side of the target port. Clerks
up on the edge forward pushed each other to escape the rampage Icelander.
Something happens when Bjarki not quite reach the edge. The car rears, lands
on the page, do one volt sideways down to the launch pad and have time to
roll 2-3 times before the car stops on the wheels down into the pit. A huge sigh
goes through the audience and everyone is holding its breath, the speaker is
silent. 2 seconds after the gravity had its way and the car standing still so Bjarki
crawling out of the car's bonnet. He stands up and stuck his hand straight up
in the sky. The voltage drop as fast as he fell headlong down the hill and the
whole audience burst into cheers and a huge applause.
After lunch, when the red Danish sausage was sold, moved the crowd like a
wave over the area from one side to the other to see the track time and the
last three technical courses. It was shorter, a little more speed curves, it was
intense and interesting.
Winners for the day was the Unlimited Arne Johannessen and Modified Kjetil
Johnsen who this weekend took home a double victory.

More Pictures here: http://galleri.smkuppsala.com/v/offroad/2010/danmark_12_13_juni/12/

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